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celebrating in cleveland after lebron james says he's coming home dean reynolds on what this means to a team and the city. and you've seen dancing agents draw smiles in plenty of places before. but chances are, they weren't needed as much as in the place this one does. >> we all have our problems but a smile will help you through it. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. the u.n. security council is now calling for a ceasefire between israel and hamas as it's conflict in the middle east intensified on this its fifth day. 17 more people were killed today by israeli airstrikes in gaza. that makes at least 125 who died since the bombing started tuesday. today israel also shelled positions in lebanon. the rocket fire from hamas into israel has been stronger than expected, but so far no israelis have died. today the israeli defense forces warn people who live close to hamas locations in the northern part of the gaza strip to evacuate. and israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he will not rule out a ground invasion. cbs news
lebron james announced he's returning home. one sign of the enthusiasm? a ticket to the cavaliers season opener used to go for 40 bucks. tonight, as much as $600. abc's linzie janis is in cleveland with more on the big turnaround. >> reporter: redemption tonight for lebron james. >> lbj! lbj! >> reporter: cleveland fans welcoming home with ope arms the player they once vilified. king james sending the city into a frenzy. after announcing his return to the cavs in an emotional online letter about how much his home means to him. and making fans forgive the way he crushed them four years ago when he announced his move to miami on live television. >> i'm going to take my talents to south beach. >> we love you. we forgive you. and let's get some money in this town. >> reporter: and the money began flowing immediately. call it the new lebron-omy. within eight hours, the cavaliers receiving out of season tickets. >> we go from selling something that's unsellable, i mean, i can't get my hands on enough tickets to sell. >> reporter: once dubbed "the mistake by the lake," the city of clevel
. it will be replaced by two new bridges. they should both be up and running in time for lebron's debut this fall. and it is the moon that will be taking on a starring role tonight. a so-called super moon will light up the skies, appearing bigger and celebrator than what we're used to. it happens when the moon orbits closer to earth. if you happen to miss tonight's show, you're in luck. this is the first of three super moons we'll see this summer. >>> up next, 77 years later another amelia earhart is flying into the history books. you know what i love america? fine barbecue, good times and zero heartburn. ♪ and that's why i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. >>you can't beat zero heartburn. prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. you wouldn't have it she any other way.our toes. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's
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in florida. >>> if you were in medically induced coma or had no access to electronics, yes lebron james is headed back home. the four time m.v.p. announced he was leaving miami to return to the team that drafted him first overall in 2003, the cleveland cavaliers. james' deal, two years -- own two years but 42.1 million. not so only right there: >>> to the pitch and the union will host the colorado rapids in less than an hour in chester. philadelphia lost to dallas last week and they're two points out of the playoff spot in the eastern conference. but some help could be on the way as the club has acquired jamaican international brian brown on loan from harbor view fc for the remainder of the season. he's a 21 year old striker who had 20 goals in 32 appearances this past season. >> wow. nice. >>> i was on vacacation but even i heard about lebron. twitter was out of control. >> i don't know if it was possible to avoid that. >> i don't think i could have been anywhere on the planet and not hear about that. >> some of natasha's money. >> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. some of the area's fines
lebron has made second decision, the world can function normally again. there were rumors he would team up with carmelo anthony that merlot is likely to re-sign with the next. s were celebrating in the streets, the same site where they were burning his jersey a few years ago. cavs, who were yesterday a 60-1 shot, are now 4-1. trevor ariza to sign with houston. wanted him back in washington. >> trevor was one of the players the got rings in this league, and we would like to have him back. he is experienced. he has length, quickness, the ability to shoot threes. he is so important tour team. >> it looks like he is going to go to houston though. while you were sleeping late last night, d.c. united won again. th eastern division. i think you and i are in agreement on the production tomorrow. germany is an offense of machine but argentina is strong defensively. there is great drama. it will be a lot of emotion, fun to watch. >> >> a viewing party tomorrow for the final match of the world cup. it scheduled to begin at 3:00 p.m. right year on abc seven. smithsonian says fans are invited to wat
, lebron james is going home. just not yet. before lebron packs up his miami mansion and moves back to cleveland he is going to brazil. not to play basketball but to watch tomorrow's world cup final which you can watch right here on six abc. lebron signed his deal with cleveland today. it is a two year contract worth just over 42 million-dollar. this is according to espn. speaking of money, the calves have made an estimated one million-dollar in ticket sales, alone, former sixers great charles barkley says he is a big fan of this move and big fan of lebron. he just can't understand why he left ohio in the first place. >> i just think he shouldn't have left there the first time. come on, you have to get drafted by the hometown team, and you are as good as he is. this guy is one of the ten greatest nba players ever. people that don't likely brandon james, you have to be a lebron james fan. i don't know if the cavilers will win a championship but i am a lebron james fan for the rest of my life. >>> eagles are less than two weeks away from training camp, can you wait? lesean mccoy tells
kind to the wizards this >>> what's the big man on campus, lebron made his decision you knew those dome nos wouinos start falling. >> first lebron his contract details released. according to espn two years, $42.1 mill and can opt-out. now the wizards. we always knew this offseason was a priority but ariza coming off his best season. pursued heavily by the wizards, rockets and heat. as of an hour ago he's taking his talents to houston rockets, four years, 32 million. small forward who shot 40% from beyond the arc averaged nearly 15 points a season. he came up huge throughout the playoffs. john wall pleading, tough to see him go. ariza signing was helped by carmelo anthony. he agreed to terms to stay in new york. melo and the knicks agreed a deal. the seven time all-star has been with the knicks since 2011. he's heading back to the garden, melo averaged 27 points a game last season. this next bit of baseball news will hurt more on tuesday. but right now it appears that the washington nationals will have no all-stars in minnesota. jordan zimmerman is out. the lone all-star for the nats, he
. the netherlands gets the three three-zero win third place at the world cup. >> lebron domino is ready to drop. new york knicks in contract negotiations with carmelo ant nope on a deal that will keep him in a new york knicks unifo uniform. he told both the bulls and rockets carmelo ant nope is off their list. pal go saul signed with the chicago bulls. we said it yesterday. as soon as lebron james signed his deal all the other domino's would start to fall in place and they did. carmelo is going to the knicks. palagi saul to the bulls. chris could be back to miami. we've got a little board here and we'll figure it all out. >> phillies on 7:15 on fox. there's a little fizzle for baseball back here, guys. >> thank you shredder. >> watch the seven news after the game. dangers of the heat can lead to dehydration, heat stroke and one condition you may not have known about. stay up with us and we'll tell you all about it plus world cup coming to an end but soccer fever may just be heating up. the economic benefits of the world's most popular sport much that's tonight after the game. that's it for us tonigh
in cleveland after lebron james says he's coming home dean reynolds on what this means to a team and the city. and you've seen dancing agents draw smiles in plenty of places before. but chances are, they weren't needed as much as in the place
is going home. lebron james announcing he'll return to play for the cleveland cavaliers. the fourth time nba mvp says he wants to show the underprivileged kids of northeast ohio that it's the best place to grow up. >>> well, a second federal judge has now ordered the irs to explain how the agency lost those nearly two years of e-mails from former irs official, lois lerner. lerner, as you may know, is the former division director. she's at the center of the tea party scandaling group at that agency. and the decision's judge comes one day after another federal judge ordered the irs to explain, around oath, what they think happened to those e-mails. do you think those e-mails will ever be found? and if so, what could they show? john fund is the author of the new book, obama's enforcer, eric holder's justice department, and he's a columnist for "national review" magazine. john, welcome in. we both cover the issue of voter fraud in this country. in this case, it's based on the texas-based group, true the vote. and they're really trying to uncover a lot of this. what do you think will happen?
without lebron james. he announced he will be heading back to the cleveland cavaliers. >> lebron james is coming home. the 29-year-old posted this picture on instagram and told "sports illustrated" i always believed i would return to cleveland and finish my career there. lebron was raised in akron," jus,, ohios, just 65 kilometers from cleveland. >> i'm happy. the best player comes to your team. that's a great learning experience for me. to play along side the best in the game. >> lebron broke the hearts of the cleveland fans when he left in 2010. but now all is forgiven. >> everybody is happy. everybody has a smile on their face. >> that's a wonderful thing. thank you, lebron, you've done a wonderful thing for cleveland. all is forgiven. >> this is a great moment in sport history. >> reporter: lebron reached the nba final in all four of his seasons there, and winning the championship twice. he's been a free agent since the start of july after opting out of the final two years of his contract with the heat. >> it sucks. like i say, he had a big fan base over here. i feel like we suppor
facebook friends. this is what we're told is trending this minute. something about lebron. i heard something about it. some whispers. of course, the news traveled pretty fast. he's going to be returning to his home court in cleveland. been a little over 24 hours since king james posted this announcement on his twitter and facebook pages as "sports illustrated" also broke his news. 822,000 people so far have liked the photo you're seeing right there. his return also inspired hundreds of memes. showing what a difference four years can make for cleveland fans. there were 143 tweets per minute with the hash tag #lebronjames. and this one. this fellow was fired and rehired after his story went viral. he's mike boyer, he lives in washington state where it's legal to buy recreational marijuana. he wanted to be the first person to exercise his right in spokane. he ended up on television, of course. then he said his boss ordered him to take a drug test. well, he failed that test, of course, and then he was fired. boyer's story went viral after he posted his resume on craigslist. well, he do
, what are the most excited about, the republicans coming to cleveland or lebron james coming back? >> i did an unscientific whole of some of my ohio friends and 10 out of 10 pick lebron every single time. that is huge for cleveland. it has rnc ramifications as well. if the cavs go late into the playoffs, that late june date might -- they might not be able to do it at quicken loans arena. the convention is very big as well. >> it is something, lebron comes home as to the republicans. thank you, rich and phil. when we come back, we will talk about israel and hillary and president obama and the tea party. ♪ >> welcome back. i will get to margaret carlson and ramesh ponnuru in a moment. first, unease in the gaza strip. we head to tel aviv for elliott gotkine is standing by. the violent scenes to escalate every day. what are the hopes and fears for what will transpire in the next few days and weeks? >> we could see some sort of ground invasion, which netanyahu the israeli prime minister has been threatening. this would lead to many more civilian casualties in gaza. it will also lead to isr
, we have a talk with a woman with a front row seat to that. >>> and lebron james is going home to cleveland. ♪ from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. thank you! but i've managed. ♪ i got to be pretty good at managing my symptoms, except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. ♪ when i finally told my doctor, he said my crohn's was not under control. ♪ he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. [ female announcer ] humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if yo
, alex, back to you. >>> nba super star lebron james is heading home to cleveland. he has agreed to a four-year deal with the cavs. how will it affect the city beyond the basketball court? wkyc's will has more from cleveland. >> very exciting time in cleveland, especially for local businesses that surround the q. if you're in walking distance behind me, you can see east fourth, a lot of restaurants and bars. they're going to be packed. they've been there before and they know the feeling. not just that, you walk down here, the horseshoe, casino, very close to the q. they'll be picking up business as well. take a look at hotels and parking garages downtown. they all plan for packed people coming downtown for every cavs game. it streps to the suburbs as well. a lot of people will be getting together to watch the cavs, watch lebron james. more people, need more service. more service, you need more money. that's what's going to get it done. more people, more jobs as well. so the economy here in northeast ohio expecting a big boom with lebron's decision to come back. and another market
. >>> after winning two nba titles with miami, lebron james is going back home to ohio. yesterday he announced he is returning to the cavaliers. james, who grew up in akron, played seven seasons with cleveland after being the overall number one pick in 2003. the four-time league mvp wants to give the city its first championship in more than 50 years. and according to at least one las vegas sports book, the cavaliers are now a 3-1 favorite to win the nba title. >>> steve kerr made his coaching debut last night as the warriors opened summer league play in las vegas. golden state's james michael macado with the monster jam. the warriors beat the hornets 70-58. the rockets have traded local product, jeremy lin to the lakers. and that is sports for a saturday morning, i'm rick kwan, i'll see you again tonight at 5:00. >>> sticking with sports, 49ers greats return to the field, the historic game being played tonight. . >>> happening today -- the final football game will be played at the stick. and tonight, our own mike shuman will be playing in the legends of candlestick game. playing against hall o
can find the money, $4 billion. >> lebron james says he's going back to where it all started. >> the offer has hit. big with america. >> and of course the sports world seems to be taking over all of the united states. >> soccer was an immigrant sport. now that's changed. my boys will grow up knowing soccer is an american sport. >> we begin with the severe aerial offensive that has killed 120 people in gaza. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowed to press on with the attacks as long as hamas continued to send rockets into israel and signaled a ground invasion may be possible. >> we're preparing for all the possibilities. >> on friday the united nations' human rights raised concerns of the offensive against gaza violates international law that bans the targeting of civilians and called on both sides to respond. >> the reports we're receiving do raise serious doubts whether actions are pa compatible with human rights laws. >> one person was seriously hurt when a gas station in israel was hit. hamas has sent unsuccessful rockets at airport. a rocket fired from lebanon la
it and netflix, but the stock is rich for me. >> and what is your prediction? >> well, my prediction is that lebron james going back to cleveland and breaking up the dream team in miami is good for the texas basketball team, and the mavericks and the rockets are going to win more championships and the houston-based team where chris bosh will go is going to have stocks going up in the next year. >> and you like all things texas. >> well, i have to say no to that stock. >> and what is your prediction? >> when i went for the three muffin lunch this week, i noticed that the crumbs bakery was taken out, and i think that the gluten-free craze has destroyed another bakery and that is why you should go with the texas road house which is up 20% again in one year. >> and what do you say? >> well, it had a split stock, brenda, so stay away from this one, brenda. >> and neil is next. >>> big things of letting d.c. spend more of this, and do you see anything wrong with any of this? i'm neil cavuto, and congress is in slow motion to find a solution for the v.a. and shock of shocks. now they are calling for the s
in a frenzy as the greatest basketball player on the planet, lebron james, says he's ready to come home. >> lebron is coming back. >> what's behind the king's move back to the city where he once broke millions of hearts, and who else will be cashing in as all appears to be forgiven? >>> yes. hey, good morning. we're going to talk about the sudden turnaround, the emotional turnaround in cleveland where they're all of a sudden very forgiving. coming up. >> they're very excited. >> they're very excited, as well. >>> but we're going to start here with a traveler's nightmare. you're flying over the water in one of the remote spots on earth when the smoke starts to fill the cabin, alarms are sounding, the pilot comes over the speakers to say the radar is down and they need to make an emergency landing. >> travelers' nightmare. that's exactly what happened overnight to the passengers on board united flight 7 from hawaii to guam and landed on the barely inhabited at an old u.s. military base on midway island sheltering inside an old gym. we begin our coverage this morning with abc's david kerley who is in
ohio. nba superstore lebron james leaving the miami heat and returning to the cleveland cavaliers. he made that announcement via sports illustrated in an essay saying the most important thing to him is to bring a trophy back to northeast ohio. when he left cleveland for miami there is outrage against lebron james but his return sparked a frenzy. now fans couldn't be happier. [ screaming ] >> lebron james, lebron james, lebron james! >> we heard about it and ran over here! we heard it, we ran! [ screaming at the top of their lungs ] >> lebron is the man! >> what did he say? >> they whipped off their shirts and ran. fans did cartwheels. the value of the cleveland cavaliers with lebron on the team could increase by as much as $100 million. but not everybody is happy about the decision. take a look at this mural in miami. there is lebron's face painted over. >> oh-oh. he's out. >>> happening tonight, one final showdown at candlestick park. nfl legends will take the field for a flag football game. joe montana will be there. dwight clark, jerry rice, steve young, several other 49er greats.
of support. overwhelming. lebron is going home. the basketball star announced yesterday his plans to play for the cavaliers. we'll have an update on his decision, after the break. no rush, andy. come on. with the chase mobile app you can get a lot done in a little amount of time from transferring funds wait a minute. you've got to be kidding. did you guys see that? that ball was out. to paying your coach for adding five miles per hour to your serve. that ball wasn't in. get your eyes checked. help me out here. download the best mobile app today. so you can always have the advantage. chase. so you can lebron james says he's leaving the miami heat and headed back home to cleveland. his decision first reported in an interview with sports illustrated. social media was ablaze with reaction to the news - and miami and cleveland fans and even the could be the first time we had championship and the years. they told them about plans an interview published friday. cavalier fans are flying high. the white house is also weighing in. then there is a heart break from the seat. the odor of the team set
. >>> while cleveland fans are celebrating the return of lebron james, we'll show you how miami heat fans are showing their anger toward the nba superstar. >> and a big show in the sky. why you might want to take a look at the moon tonight. . >>> you may notice something different about the moon this weekend. astronomers say the first of three summer super moons will make an appearance tonight. that means the moon will be closer to the earth than usual, making it look bigger and brighter. if you miss it tonight, you'll have two more chances this summer. one in august, and another in september. >>> many are calling it a once in a lifetime opportunity. buyers from all over the country are in pore toll low valley where an auction is being held to sell off a large, unique collection of military equipment. [ auctioner calling ] . >> today is the final day of the two-day auction. items include more than 80 tanks, a surface-to-surface missile, and other historic equipment, some from as far back as world war i, and more recently the gulf war. >> it's a pretty awe-inspiring feeling. it certainly g
're doing work for others. i have a really tough question for you. how are you feeling given that lebron james is leaving miami? >> um, i have nothing to say. i mean -- we all wanted lebron to stay but we understand why he left. he wanted to go back to his hometown. but he should have stayed in miami. >> yes, well, maybe he'll still come help out one of your basketball tournaments. we're so proud of you. thank you to our foot soldier of the week and to his mom. live from ft. lauderdale. that's our show for today. thanks to you at home for watching. tomorrow on mhp, we're going to talk more about lebron james. what the true meaning of the word champion is. going to see you tomorrow morning. now it's time for alex. >> wait, what, lebron james is going back to cleveland? >> you heard about that, shocking, right? >> we'll talk about that too. it's a case developing on the west coast, but now it has a southern angle. an escort accused of leaving one of her alleged clients for dead. who is the suspect and why is the investigation broadening? >>> the return of the king. some say lebron james sh
into him. >>> plus, lebron. he's taking his talents back to cleveland. the king, king james, as he calls himself, and other people call him, is returning to play in cleveland for the cavs, but will the fans who burned his jersey take him back? ♪ welcome back i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase. like 50,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months after i opened my account. and i earn 5 times the rewards on internet, phone services and at office supply stores. with ink plus i can choose how to redeem my points. travel, gift cards, even cash back. and my rewards points won't expire. so you can make owning a business even more rewarding. ink from chase. so you can. >> all: bring lebron back! >> i hupg go ahead the man earlier. it just feels good we're finally coming back. >> we love you, welcome home! >> welcome home, lebron! ♪ i'm coming home i'm coming home ♪ >> he's coming home. ♪ tell the world i'm coming home ♪ >> lebron james is ready to leave miami and head back to cleveland. >> i love the fans. i'm goi
with miami. lebron james is going back home to ohio. yesterday he announced he is returning to the cavaliers. james, who grew up in akron, played seven seasons with cleveland after being the overall number one pick in 2003. the four-time league mvp wants to giver the city it's fourth championship in more than 50 years. and according to one sports book the cavaliers are now a 3-1 favorite to win the nba title. >>> and steve kerr made his coaching debut last night as the warriors made their debut in las vegas. the monster jam. he had 11 points. and the warriors go on to beat the hornets 7-58. we should add the rockets have traded local product jeremy lin to the lakers. that's sports for saturday morning. i'm rick quan. see you again tonight at 5:00. >>> next, 49ers greats return to the field. the historic game being played tonight. heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch
traded to the sixers, he is shipped to the lakers and we remember cleveland cavalier's fans burning lebron james jerseys and that is all foregot en, now he signs with cleveland and his home town club and charles barkley says it's a win-win situation. >> houfrn do you goat to be a hero in your home town and home state. he is a blue collar guy and great for the nba obviously. >> it's influence that his friends and entourage has in miami is close to nothing compared to what it was in cleveland and then the desire for his wife, his friends and his confidants and everybody for him to come home. >> espn's steven a. smith talking to our jeff skversky. >>> moving on now sixers are the champions of the summer league in orlando. thompson slam its home and noel did not play in the game and the sixers are giving him occasional rest coming off the knee injury. >> look at that eagles running back lesean mccoy kicked off a charity weekend, he will host a basketball game at newman university in delaware con. proceeds benefit als, the disease claimed mccoy's grandmother. michael vick and allen iverson is s
. and in sport all is forgiven. lebron james returns home to cleveland. stay with us if you can. >> to the north of iraq now where kurdish fighters have started a major operation. the idea is to ex-spell sunni rebels from the area they now hold. on friday, kurdish forces near kirkuk killed 41 people. we have the latest from there. >> reporter: we are at that checkpoint targeted by a suicide car bombing late on friday. up to 31 people killed. it wasn't just kurdish forces who were the victims. civilians as well as you can see this is a border crossing. this is the main crossing point linking south kirkuk to the rest of the country, to tikrit, to baghdad. this was clearly an attack against them. it was a message. it wasn't the first time. approximately two weeks ago kurdish forces were targeted in a suicide car bombing at the mosul border. the kurds now share 1,000 kilometers of territory with sunni-armed groups. it really is a new border in northern iraq, and they do say that they're at war with the self declared islamic state. no one has taken responsibility, but people here believe it's the isl
virus. no one was infected, thankfully. >>> cleveland is waking up in a great mood. lebron james is back. we will talk more about that at 10:00 eastern. >> "smerconish" is next. >>> an urgent humanitarian crisis continues on the southern border leaving tens of thousands of immigrant children in limbo. from anger to exacerbation. in washington, finger pointing and chest thumping. i'm michael smerconish. let's get started. my first headline from the new york times. it reads immigrant surge rooted in law to curb child trafficking. some of the blame for the crisis is given to a 2008 human trafficking law. it gave greater protections to unaccompanied children into this country from other non contiguous countries. my next guest is republican congress member george thorntonberry. congress member, children from central america are treated differently than those from mexico. why? what was the logic of the law? >> first of all, i was very proud to be part of the sponsoring of the victims rig s rights. human trafficking is a slave. america must protect vulnerable persons. i was proud to be
-1, the final. the quakes lose their fourth straight. >>> after winning two nba titlings with miami. lebron james is going back home to ohio. yesterday he announced he is returning to the cavaliers. james, who grew up in akron, played seven seasons with cleveland after being the overall number one pick in 2003. he wants to give the cityitis champion in more than 50 years and according to one sports book the cavaliers are now a 3-1 favorite to win the nba title. >>> and steveker made his coaching debut last night as the warriors made their debut in las vegas. the monster jam. he had 11 points. and the warriors go on to beat the hornets 7-58. we should add the rockets have traded local product jeremy lin to the lakers. that's sports for saturday morning. i'm rick quan. see you again tonight at 5:00. >>> next, 49ers greats return to the field. the historic game being played tonight. helping you find a dentist you'll want to go to for the rest of your life. we've helped over 8 million people find that dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ >> happening today, the
that lebron james is leaving the miami heat to go back to his hometown of cleveland. check this out. this is the image that the florida republican party tweeted out in the wake of that announcement. it says, what do these two guys have in common? they both ran away. you'll recall the former governor charlie krist first left the republican party to become an independent senate candidate and now is running for his old job on the democratic ticket. i know you wanted to jump in on the other discussion. we're switching gears. >> actually an interesting tactic and i find it interesting that the arrival of lebron could put a wrench into republican plans for the convention which i think is sort of a great story with respect to lebron's return to cleveland. the reality of the situation is that i think it is an interesting tactic but i don't see the -- >> what is interesting is charlie crist's personal message is i have always been this person, always been this kind of belief system. i've left, the republican party didn't take me where i wanted to go and now i'm coming home to being a democra
-up in the shorts weld. jails is returning home. he -- lebron james is returning whom. he grow up in ohio. some say it was inevitable. ross shimabuku joins us. what is going on with lebron james. >> lebron james has gone from being the villain to home-town hero. the relationship with north-east ohio is bigger than basketball. four years ago, it was announced that he was going to south beach. fans burnt his jersey, the owner called him a coward in a nasty letter. after a face-to-face meeting whereby james and gilbert hashed out differences and admitted mistakes, the king decided it was time to return home. the copying won two n.b.a. championships and hopes to lead the cavaliers to a title. he said in "sports illustrated", i'm not having a press commence or a party. after this, it's time to go to work. fans in cleveland are going bananas. hours after the announcement the cavaliers sold out their season tickets for the upcoming season. everyone is lauding the decision, except some of the fans in miami. that heat championship was vandalized hours after the decision. james was defaced. most are happy. y
's gathering headlines across country treat and on plenty of front pages today is lebron james' decision to go back to ohio. the front page of miami herald, farewell to the king. lebron james chooses the cavaliers is the headline there over to an ohio paper, "the independent" "i'm coming home" a picture of lee bron james on the front pages of everything from the los angeles times to the front page of the financial times, members of congress tweeting about this as well. senators on capitolhill, from ohio tweeting about this. rob portman, welcome home, the northeast ohio king james! is his tweet from yesterday. a big week for cleveland. other greets members of congress on this issue, you can check them out on twitter, especially most of the ohio delegation. on the role of congress in the oversight of collegiate athletics, stewart is calling in from northeast maryland, a former college athlete. stewart, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> go ahead, stewart. >> yeah. i would like to say that congress should have a very limited role in anything about athletics. it's great that the students at
this report. it's all about basketball star lebron james, who is back home to his hometown. hi, jenna. >> alex, this has been news four years in the making. for lebron james, he said he was young and a little reckless with the hearts of the cleveland fans. now he's back to make things right. for the city of cleveland, that's more than enough. the three words the city of cleveland has been waiting to hear for four years, i'm coming home. and with those words came these words. >> one of the greatest moments in cleveland. >> are you crying? >> it's fantastic! >> there wasn't a big splashy announcement or press conference like when he left cleveland heartbroken four years ago. instead, an essay, rather heartfelt, to his fans, explaining why he was coming home and admitting his leaving caused hard feelings. my relationship with northeast ohio is bigger than basketball. i didn't realize that four years ago. i do now. the suspense about his next move kept the city on edge. people swarming his house with police on hand. now, this whole thing almost came crashing down when tawny the owl picked miami as
coming home. lebron james says he is returning to cleveland. why the super star says he is leaving miami and heading back hom. >> "action news" continues at 9:00, here are the stories we are working on for you. two children are missing from philadelphia we have the latest on the search. now for chris sowers, david murphy i'm eva pilgram, have a great saturday. >>> good morning, america. breaking overnight, emergency landing. a flight from hawaii sets down on a remote island in the middle of the pacific ocean. terrified passengers hear alarms going off on board. the power goes out. the radar goes down, and the plane makes a sharp drop. >> i looked at my wife, and i said "i love you," and i kissed her, and we told each other good-bye because we thought we were going to die. >> what caused this scare in the air? >>> struck by lightning. this guy was hit while standing in his own garage. two boys also struck inside their homes. almost a dozen hit in just days. we'll tell you what you need to know to protect yourself. >>> caught on camera. a violent gang dressed as ninjas tying up and robbing
. lebron james announced he's heading to the queensland cavaliers as a free agent. the 29-year-old spent four years at the miami heat, winning two n.b.a. championships. >> reporter: lebron james is coming home. the n.b.a.'s 4-time most valuable player is returning to the cleveland cavaliers after four years with the miami heat. he posted this picture and told sports illustrated: >>> lebron james was raised in akron ohio 65km from cleveland and began his career with them. they were surprised. >> to say i'm excited and happy would qualify as a great understatement of the millennium. >> the best player come to your team, it will be a great learning experience to play along side the best the game. >> lebron james broke the hearts of the cleveland fans when he left in 2010. for now, all is forgiven. >> everybody is happy. everybody has a smile on their face, a greatest moment in cleveland. >> james , you have done a wonderful -- lebron james, you have done a wonderful thing for cleveleleleland. all is forgip. >> this is a great moment. >> along side dwayne wayne and chris bosh lebron james re
got to be sore from smiling. lebron james deciding to come home. james left cleveland four years ago for miami where he won two nba championships. but his focus now is bringing a trophy to his hometown. lebron says he's not going to have a press conference or a party. he's ready to get to work and fans couldn't be more excited. >> everybody i've walked by has a smile on their face. it's one of the greatest moments in cleveland. >> thank you, lebron. you have done a wonderful thing for cleveland. all is forgiven. we love you. >> that's all for your sports. i hope your saturday is a great one. >> lots of people excited about that. >>> tomorrow's final match of the world cup is pitting two well-known figures against each other. you could call it a pope-off. >> pope francis is from argentina while pope emeritus benedict is from germany. the spokesperson says it's unlikely they'll get together to watch the match. >> hard choice there. >>> all right. those of you with a lead foot, listen up. where speed cameras will cost you a ticket. >>> also what to expect this morning and throughout the
back bringing back the lebron james. win a war. time will tell. and it puts us at a risk. >> it's also totally unpublicized when g.m. lays off 10,000 guys you know about it. >> i want to thank you for that. >> thank you, tucker. >> jonathan hendershot, thank you for joining us this morning. >> lois lerner's days of stonewalling may be numbered. second judge this morning calling on the irs to explain her missing emails. where are they? we may finally know. stay tuned for that then, talk about up close and perm, a baby lieberman is hitting on a baby's head at a zoo. how did this happen? well, that child and her mom join us next. turbocharged reward card with a new volkswagen turbo. so why are we so obsessed with turbo? because there's nothing more exhilarating than a powerful ride. and you can get that in places you might not expect. like the passat. and also in the fun-to-drive jetta. in fact, volkswagen has sold more turbos than any other brand over the last ten years. that is a lot of turbo. hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you lease a new 2014 passat s
. >>> finally you probably heard by now that lebron james is returning home to cleveland. when james left the city for miami four years ago cleveland fans felt so we strayed they literally burned uniforms with his name and numbers on it. today the most popular-selling t-shirts say "forgiven" and "welcome back." in miami he won two championships. next year as he tries to bring a first-ever trophy to cleveland, he'll make $22 million. he already made close to $100 million, and he has added to very advise investments funded in part by warren if you hav buffet, who james befriended years ago. james has been smart about his money and tireless in his career. as he wrote today in northeast ohio nothing is given. everything is earned. you work for what you have. congratulations to lebron james and the city of cleveland. folks may have to wait a bit for that nba championship, but city pride starts right now. >>> that's our show for today. i'm david shuster for ali velshi and every here at "real money," thanks for watching and have a great weekend. > >> announcer: this is al jazeera. >>> hello, wel
to south beach for four seasons and winning two championships, lebron james is going back where it all started. cbs correspondent jericka duncan shows us cleveland is clearing off the thrown for the king's return. >> he's coming home. >> reporter: lebron james is going back to his roots, ohio native is returning to the cleveland cavilers. he made the announcement in an essay published in sports illustrated saying northeast ohio is a part of who he is, it is where i walked, it is where i ran, it is where i cried, it is where i bled, it holds a special place in my heart. cleveland fans have been waiting and hoping for this day, weathering a 50 year sports championship drought. even fans angry when james left are welcoming him with open arms. >> one of the greatest days in cleveland sports history the return of lebron james, awesome. forgiveness it is great. >> from the moment i stepped outside everybody is bragging about him coming home. >> reporter: james left cleveland in 2010 for miami heat where he led the team to two championships. >> we appreciate what he did but don't let the door
baloncesto lebron james dio a conocer su decision de volver con los cavaliers de cleveland despues de haber jugado cuatro temporadas con los heat de miami. mas en nuestras ediciones de fin de semana. ♪ >> como que hemos visto en este mundial brasil ademÁs de fÚtbol es gastronomÍa, mÚsica y arte. este jardÍn de un escultor que convierte el barro en majestuosas obras de arte, cuÉntanos, tony. >> hola en nuestro viaje conocimos un artista plÁstico que con barro y musgo crea obras Únicas en el mundo su nombre es "nego". aquÍ se lo presento. es uno de los lugares emblemÁticos de nova friburgo detrÁs de estas paredes está el jardÍn de nego. ♪ su nombre de pinares giraldo. pero lo que hacen no es nada simple comenzÓ trabajando con madera pero al trastadas es terreno de barro donde vive hace 33 aÑos decidiÓ hacer estas obras con la espesa tierra. la primera que hice fuese figura de mujer en el aÑo 81. cuando la estaba terminando comenzÓ a llover la tarde con un plÁstico y cuando regrese 8 meses despuÉs la mujer estaba cubierta de musgo. descubrÍ que el musgo las protege y e
is responsible. >>> lebron james is going home. the nba superstar announced today he is leaving the miami heat and returning to the cleveland cavaliers. here is a look at tomorrow's front page of the hometown newspaper with lebron gracing the cover. cleveland fans can't wait. >> reporter: the announcement set off wild celebrations in a city that has not won a pro championship in any sport for 50 years. [ cheers and applause ] by relationship with northeast ohio is big e than basketball, james said in a statement published by sports illustrated i. didn't realize that four years ago. i do now. james, a native of akron, ohio was a phenomenal play maker from a very young age who went straight from high school to the cavaliers. but four years ago, james announced his departure for miami in a nationally televised jilting of cleveland. humiliated fans burned his jersey and his image was torn from the arena. dan gilbert got onto him for a cowardly betrayal. today, gilbert tweeted welcome home and offered him a deal for $88 million. >> i'm so happy to get this guy back in the town! >> reporter: anthony
were you going to get a lebron reference in there. >> so that then really blows up in the face of the united states. and that's -- another very embarrassing episode. gwen: and we're really out of time. i'm sorry. you had another question but that's what our webcast is for. we'll get back to this. because before we leave tonight, i need to send out condolences to the family of a great man. john seigenthaler. john was a tremendous journalist. he was a fierce defender of the first amendment. and he was a courtly son of tennessee. who chnd civil rights long before most southern newspaper editors would. he was also a terrific story teller. a voracious reader and just fun to be around. he and his wife, adolors, were married as long as i've been alive. our thoughts are with her and the rest of the seigenthaler family tonight. john seigenthaler, the former editor of "the nashville tennessean" was 86 years old. i'll miss him. and if you knew him, you would, too. thanks, everyone. we have to go. for now. but as always, the conversation will continue online. the "washington week" webcast
past hamid. the quake lose it. >> lebron james tried to prove you can go home again. and we will show you how steve
in cleveland today? >> you mean, other than the fact that everybody is celebrating lebron james coming back? nothing at all. >> are you long the cavaliers and short the miami heat or what? >> we wouldn't short the heat but the pros spegt -- prospects look better for the cavaliers. >> better than 24 hours ago. if you're not in miami, people are excited for cleveland, including my co-anchor who grew up there. >> bruce knows i'm a clevelander and not only lebron news this week, what a week, republicans will hold their convention there in 2016 so good things happening to the city that was once called the mistake on the lake. >> there is a lot to be discovered here and we invite everybody to come see. >> any disclosures on the three stocks you recommended? >> no, i don't personally own any of those. >> thanks a lot. have a great weekend celebrating that lebron victory. >> good to be with you. >> tyler? >>. >>> as we just mentioned, lebron games is returning to the cavaliers, not just a sports story but business. "forbes magazine" said last year the team was worth over $500 million with attendanc
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